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Ryan Scott Oliver - On Monday
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On Monday" from 35MM: A Musical Exhibition (Original Cast Recording)

music/lyric Ryan Scott Oliver

performance Betsy Wolfe

It’s been awhile since I’ve enjoyed a new cast recording as much as I’ve been enjoying 35MM.  One benefit of repeat listening and the digital booklet has been better comprehension of the lyrics.  When I saw the show the lyrics were frequently difficult to decipher over the music.  And they are not the tight, clean, precise lyrics found in other song cycles like Songs for a New WorldCloser than Ever, or Elegies.  I am, however, more than willing to forgive the occasionally confusing turn of phrase in exchange for a piece that seems to actually reflect my life experience in a way the others don’t.  Brown, Maltby Jr., and Finn are excellent story tellers, and so I, as an audience member, will go on the journey with them, but I nonetheless feel like an outsider looking in on a world that is far straighter and more buttoned up than my own.  I’m not saying one is better than the other, or that writers don’t need to worry about presenting clear lyrics or that watching whistfully ironic middle aged people is passé.  I’m really just saying you should listen to this song because it’s catchy and makes me feel things at times. 

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    I’ve never actually been able to say my love life relates to a song until this break. I feel a bit like a hormonal...
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    i wanna kiss you now and kiss you and kiss you and kiss you and kiss you and kiss you and kiss you and kiss you till...
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    Toying with this song, trying to see if a male singing it is a good idea. Because I like it, okay.
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  16. itsdlevy said: In the discussion of musical theater-styled Song Cycles, don’t forget Maury Yeston’s December Songs.
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    This is my favorite track off the album, and Betsy Wolfe is actually not a real human being.
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  19. mychancetosurvivethenight said: I am really enjoying all I’ve been hearing from 35MM. That said, I still don’t find it as exhilarating as Elegies, but that’s just the Finn-obsessed teen talking.
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    Betsy Wolfe nails this to the wall and then rips it down again.
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