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Jason Alexander, Nikki M. James, Dominic Marsh and Jayne Houdyshell have been cast in a feature version of the play “Lucky Stiff” with production set for mid-June in Southern California.

The play, based on Michael Butterworth’s 1965 novel “The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo,” was written by Lynn Ahrens & Stephen Flaherty and first performed at New York’s Playwright’s Horizons. Ahrens has adapted the play for the screen, while Flaherty and Ahrens have written additional songs.

Christopher Ashley, director of the musical “Memphis,” has been tapped to direct.

Of all the musicals to turn into movies, I’m shocked they’re doing this. I saw a production at Syracuse years ago and enjoyed it for its charms but as far as musicals go it’s fairly obscure. Anyway, at least the cast is exciting.

I’ve read a lot of press releases promising movie musicals.  Like Mame with Goldie Hawn or Cher or Bette Midler.  Like the Reba Annie Get Your Gun.  Like that Into the Woods movie in the early 90s.  Like Bat Boy, or remakes of Damn Yankees or My Fair Lady .  I remeber hearing of a gender switched version of the latter to star Bette Midler called My Fair Larry.  And remember that Hairspray sequel?

"Mr Monotony" from Jerome Robbins Broadway

music and lyric, Irving Berlin

performed by Debbie Shaprio Gravitte

this was apparently filmed during an early preview.  Guys.  GUISE!

Jerome Robbins’ Broadway - Tony Awards 1989 (by MrPoochsmooch)

7:20.  they got 7:20.  the first half consists of pre-recorded clips, including glimpses of the famous “Keystone Cops Ballet”, a bit from Billion Dollar Baby, and glimpses of Charlotte D’Amboise, Jason Alexander and Debora Shapiro (now Debbie Gravitte).  It ends with West Side Story's “Dance at the Gym” performed live at the awards.  Tony and Maria's choreography alone makes clear to me that West Side Story should always win the “Greatest/Best Musical of All Time” game. 

side note, check out MrPoochsmooch’s youtube page.  Lots of fun stuff!